Five Best Practices For Turning Leads Into Revenue

Five Best Practices For Turning Leads Into Revenue

Internet leads can come from many sources, including:

  • Organic leads via SEO efforts

  • Paid channels like Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

  • Third-party sellers like HomeAdvisor, Modernize, EverQuote 

  • Email campaigns


Lead buyers invest a good deal of money into lead generation and sourcing, so they must do everything possible to get a positive return on that investment.


Here are five best practices for turning leads into revenue and maximizing return on investment (ROI):


1. Follow Up With Leads Immediately Via Text, Email, and Phone

Studies show that your best chance of contacting a lead is immediately after a lead is submitted. Your chances of contacting a lead decrease the longer the delay between the leads submission and your first contact attempt. The best practice is to attempt to contact a lead immediately via multiple communication channels like text, email, and phone.


2. Follow Up At Least Eight Times

If you don’t connect with a lead the first time. Studies show that following up at least eight times gives you an approximate 90% chance of contacting the lead successfully.


3. Provide The Lead With A Clear Offer/Ask 

Once you’ve connected with the lead, and learned about their needs, provide them clear and concise pricing. Customers don’t want to guess; they want to understand what they’re being charged and why. Provide a written quote via email, and be sure to include your contact info on the quote.


4. Continue To Follow Up With The Lead After You Provide A Quote

After you give an estimate, make sure you follow up with the lead multiple times. It’s the same concept as before; you want to keep your offer top of mind and be available to answer any questions and handle any objections


5. Provide Third Party Validation.

Third-party validation can be a difference-maker between winning and losing a deal. Video or phone call testimonials/references are best, but at least provide a link to your online reviews.


There is no secret to turning leads into closed jobs and revenue. The key is developing a process and utilize tools like LeadAide to follow up with leads quickly and consistently.  


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