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3x Your Close Rate With Automated Lead Response Via Text, Email, and Phone.

The Need For Speed

If your team is not contacting leads quickly and following up consistently, you’re burning money. LeadAide automates lead follow up, resulting in increased revenue. Recent research revealed that leads convert 22 times more often when contacted within 5 minutes.


Automated Lead Followup

When you receive a new lead, LeadAide will text, email, or call the lead immediately and then continue to follow up based on your custom lead response sequence.

Lead Routing

The right lead to the right office and the right sales rep – instantaneously. Rules based routing to fit your sales process.

Easy Integration

We know tech, so you don’t have to. Fast and easy integration in minutes.

Excellent Live Support

Live chat with a human during business hours to resolve whatever issues you are dealing with.


LeadAide pricing is based on the number offices and sales reps you want to support as well as your monthly lead volume.  Please Contact Us to learn more.


We know leads. We’ve spent years in the leads industry.  From running large lead generation companies to working with home service and insurance providers.
We noticed one common theme that played out across all our experience with leads.  Lead buyers never maximized their return on leads and were rarely satisfied with the leads they were buying from providers.


The biggest missing piece – lead follow up.  Leads need to be contacted immediately and consistently in order to close them, but organization rarely have the time or processes in place to ensure each lead is followed up with correctly.
LeadAide fixes this problem by automating lead follow up so your sales team can concentrate on closing deals, rather than chasing them.
Located in Sunny San Diego, we are building the world’s simplest lead response automation tool.
600 B St, San Diego, CA 92101

We use a variety of methods including APIs and email parsing to ensure every lead makes it into LeadAide.

We get this question a lot.  We don’t consider LeadAide a CRM.  We believe it is part of a new category of software we call “Pre-CRM”.  

LeadAide’s primary objective to ensure you contact leads immediately and continue to contact them until the lead becomes an opportunity or your salesperson gets a “no”.  We integrate with CRMs as necessary.

They will close more deals!  You will also be also to scale your team more efficiently.  With LeadAide your team can work more leads with less heads.  

The team doesn’t have to worry about follow up, LeadAide will handle that.  Your team only has to sell.

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